Bôverih Defence Systems developed from the leading senior personnel of the aerospace and defence industry. With 37 years of defence industry experience.

Bôverih Defence Systems research, develop and manufacture;-
  • UAV. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  • UGV. Unmanned Ground vehicles.
  • UVT. Unmanned vehicles communications and optical payload technology.
In addition and in conjunction with our clients we develop and offer the most advanced training and maintenance programs, available. Our team of scientists and avioni engineer's research develop and adapt technology producing the most advanced systems available in the world.

Our proprietary parts and systems are supplied to partner companies and their systems are also recommended, deployed and used by BDS clients worldwide. These partner companies include:
  • Electro Optioned Anti Terrorist Surveillance Systems.
  • APC. Armored Personnel Carriers and APC refurbishment and upgrade.
  • Motion Detection Systems
  • Laser targeting systems. Designators. Range Finders.
  • Jammers both portable for mobile forces and vehicle fixed.
Our company strives to be a world leader and we welcome you to Bôverih Defence Systems.

Prevailing Conditions:- All orders and inquiries for any of our systems must be accompanied with an authority to import from the Ministry of Defence of the relevant country. Our systems are strictly controlled by our Ministry of Defence export controls. Any export can only be sent and delivered to the recipient country and must be delivered to and receipted by the ministry of Defence import supervisor. It is strictly prohibited that we engage in communications with any person or company who does not have the above mentioned credentials and permits.

Re export authority. It is strictly forbidden that any recipient country will re export any BDS system or part of any BDS system to any other destination. All re exports must be applied to BDS and BDS must apply to Ministry of Defence export controls to obtain re export authority.

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